Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take My Picture!

We had a wonderful photographer at the library last month. His name was Richard Walker. Do you know what he came to do? You guessed it! He came to take pictures of me, the cat mummy, and many of the other objects in the museum. Why? Well, it's in preparation for a new update that's going to be taking place on the museum in the coming months. Isn't that exciting? Make sure you come and see! If you want to look at his photos, his site is This update was made possible by the Central New York Community Foundation, which the library is very thankful for.


The Cazenovia Middle School 6th graders stopped by last Friday and this Monday. There were a lot of them! They were very interested in learning all about me, and they asked really good questions. I was impressed. I hope they come back again soon!