Friday, January 29, 2010


Winter is usually my least favorite time of the year because not many school children stop by the museum, but this year has been very eventful.
The snow in Cazenovia is piling up. On days when the sun comes out it is very beautiful. Today it’s actually very cold and windy. Probably not a good day to do much but sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and read a good book. I can recommend a few if anyone is interested. The Help by Kathryn Stockett has been very popular.
Our library cat, Page, is getting along great with absolutely everyone. She is very lovable and playful. One of her favorite activities is running all around the library chasing a ball made of scrap paper. I think her other favorite activity is laying on the front desk and being petted by everyone who walks in. Page also likes to eat and sleep. I think she may be getting a little rounder around her middle, now that I think about it.
We had an art exhibit here for the past two months featuring a local artist named Merrill Bailey. He taught here in Cazenovia. The exhibit featured his watercolors, postcards and sketches. This brought many people into the library right up to the very last day of the exhibit.
The library is also working on a brand new website, and the Friends of the Library purchased a television. The television is running a slideshow of old pictures of Cazenovia for all to see.
I cannot wait to see what the coming months will bring. I think the cat and I are getting spring fever!

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